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A Casual Observer's Notes on Nature

“From an early age, egg collecting, salmon poaching, rabbit and hare hunting, freshwater pearl fishing and a host of other activities involving wildlife were everyday adventures for us estate kids. To carry out these activities successfully requires patience and a keen eye to know your subjects. This leads to revelations not always seen at first glance: this in turn leads to misconceptions and this really is the gist of my book.”
Many of today’s top conservationists carried out similar activities until they saw the error of their ways. One very special lady, my zoology teacher, helped me ‘see the light’ by teaching me to look closer at nature: to seek the real truths and to question and argue if my observations differed from those of other people.

For instance: on the cover of the book is a salmon, Salar the Leaper. He’s doing just that: it's a great sight watching him as he leaps and negotiates the falls but . . . hmm, not true.

Migrating birds are said to learn from other birds which have done the journey before but . . . not necessarily.

Got your attention yet? You may disagree but I would advise you first, on these subjects, to look a little closer: even better though, read my book!
front cover of the book, A Casual Observer
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You? Write a book about nature? Who are you kidding?

What do you know about nature that experts on television programmes or other great authors cannot tell?

Furthermore, what do you know about writing?

It was hardly an encouraging start but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that I had nothing to lose.

George G. Mitchell
red squirrel eating nuts

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